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Elia Bosshard is a Sydney-based flutist. She holds a Bachelor of Music, Honours in Flute Performance and studied under the tutelage of Virginia Taylor, Vernon Hill and Naomi Halls.

She performs as a soloist and and as a collaborator with a diversity of groups that have included; soloist with José Gonzales at the Sydney Opera House, Siteworks Festival at Bundanon, the national event Circle Cuts the Sound: 104 Flutists at the High Court of Australia, ABC Classic FM ‘New Music Up Late’, Beijing Olympic Orchestra, Now Flutes at the Australian Flute Festival, Beams Festival, Penrith Symphony Orchestra, UNSW Orchestra, and SYOʼs Tango Orchestra.

More Than Music...

Elia also works as an artist and scenographic designer, an editor of ADSR Zine. Her particular artistic focus is bringing music performance and design together.

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Elia has been teaching flute for 12 years.


Her teaching practice encourages a detailed focus on musical context and history, creative thinking in order to solve technical challenges and develop individual ideas, and to establish long term skills such as independent and  effective practice techniques that will guide students to achieve their personal best. She encourages open conversation about music during lessons and is inclusive of all learning abilities.

Above all, Elia is a teacher because she loves sharing music in its many wonderful forms.