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Music Links

Australian Flute Festival 2019

Every 2 years we have the national event, the Australian Flute Festival. This is a great area for students to see national and international flutists perform, picking up tips on technique and discovering new music and meeting other flutists. There are many, many classes to participate in or just watch and listen. I had a great time in 2015 when I performed with the Now Flutes, we played some unusual, contemporary music. I also co-directed a piece called 'The Circle Cut by Sound' where about 60 flutists played together in the High Court of Australia. It was an awesome sight and sound to experience!

Flute Society of NSW

The Flute Society of NSW is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging flute playing in NSW and around Australia. The main event they run is the annual flute eisteddfod. You can sign up to their newsletter to hear when flute events 

Limelight Magazine

A great music magazine that has interesting articles, interviews with professional musicians, and reviews on recent concerts as well as theatre, opera and dance. A reliable resource for knowing what concerts are coming up in Sydney and Australia wide. It is available online and in print monthly. 


Classikon is an events resource for classical and new music being performed in unique spaces by independent musicians in Australia. You will fine a wide range of concerts and events that can be described as classical music, chamber concerts, new music, art music, jazz and funk, early music, performance and choirs

Australian Music Centre

One of my favourite, most used websites! The AMC is an incredible resource for finding information about Australian composers and their music. You can buy sheet music and recordings of Australian music here, and read about artists and music in AMC Resonate magazine.

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Sydney Music Ensembles

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

The SSO has been running since 1908 and has residence in the Sydney Opera House. Its your go-to for classical music, & sometimes they also play film music. Students are able to sign up for $15 last minute tickets

Australian Chamber Orchestra

A fantastic group of musicians, the ACO is a chamber orchestra made up of only string instruments and has less musicians than a Symphony orchestra. They play a variety of classical music, folk and work with composers to create new work. 

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

The ABO specialises in playing music from the Baroque period, that is, roughly between 1600 to 1750. They play on period instruments, which means the flutist plays a flute made of wood and it sounds quite different.  Its like stepping into another time hearing the ABO.

Ensemble Offspring

Ensemble Offspring are committed to playing contemporary classical music and commissioning new works by local and international composers. You will see instruments that you recognise like a flute, clarinet, piano and then there might be a bit of tin roof being played like a drum, or a whirling pipe. Its a lot of fun and their concerts always have surprises.

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